Sympa specializes in multinational companies and offers a digital cross-country HR solution.

At Sympa we’ve seen great technology give organisations the power to unlock their potential. Together we can build a smoother HR ride to the working life of tomorrow.

The cloud solution is characterized by the fact that it provides the ability to map all HR processes, key personnel data and KPIs at a national and global level in one system. Regardless of the complexity. The solution offers a high degree of flexibility in setting up HR processes, internationalisation, data security and compliancy.

Sympa is a complete, fully customizable HR solution that allows you to focus on the right HR issues and smart decision-making. Best practices or tailor made. Suitable for companies in any business growth phase, the solution gives you visibility, overview and transparency into all key employee data and KPI's and helps you automate routine HR tasks. Create peerless HR support for people and business!

Simply an HR solution that adapts to the processes of its customers, and not the other way around. After implementing Sympa, employees experience the organization and HR as innovative, knowledgeable and attentive. More than 1000 organizations around the world trust Sympa as the secure and trusted backbone of their HR activities


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