HiBob's modern HR platform, Bob, is a robust yet intuitive HR platform used by thousands of multi-national, midsized organizations.

We designed Bob with the needs of HR in mind, but we’re equally focused on creating impact and value for managers and employees.

For HR, Bob automates many standard processes and centralizes all people data in a secure, user-friendly environment.
For managers, Bob provides access to data and insights to help them make impactful decisions and streamline processes.
For employees, Bob fosters a culture of engagement and inclusion while being easy to use and informative.

With best-in-class UX/UI, Bob is beautiful and intuitive, leading to broader adoption, engagement, and productivity for every employee and manager throughout the organization.

Bob offers Core HR and so much more:
Onboarding: With a focus on agility, automation, manager empowerment, and a user-friendly interface, Bob enhances your company's onboarding experience. Streamlined for HR admins, managers, and employees, Bob ensures a seamless, welcoming, and productive start for every new team member.

Performance: Run performance reviews across the employee lifecycle in a modern HR platform and empower your people to grow, develop, and succeed.

Compensation: Efficiently oversee the comprehensive compensation management workflow, encompassing salary assessments, incentive distributions, and equity allotment, all within a seamless, worldwide framework.

Surveys: Implement an employee lifecycle survey to monitor feedback at various key milestones and pivotal lifecycle moments, or alternatively, conduct an employee engagement survey to gauge workforce contentment.

Time off: Request and approve time off with Bob's time management feature that allows HR and managers to approve holidays, sick days, PTO, and vacation days within the flow of work.

Time & Attendance: Allow employees to clock in and out in Bob's time management feature, also available on a mobile app. Create reminders that will nudge stakeholders to submit timesheets on time for payroll.

People Analytics: Get all your people data in one place and start making data-driven decisions from meaningful intel and hidden insights about your people. Easy to use and easy to share with all stakeholders in the business.

Your Voice: Bob's anonymous space to let your people speak up and report workplace concerns or misconduct. Your Voice helps you maintain a secure environment while complying with whistleblower protection laws.

Workforce planning: Enhance workforce efficiency and craft a strategic recruitment strategy utilizing a workforce planning tool seamlessly integrated with Bob. Leverage its capabilities to chart, monitor, and strategize current and prospective job positions.

Sandbox: Bob's Sandbox is a secure replica of your Bob production ecosystem and can be used to test, adjust, and fine-tune changes without disrupting your people data.

Users love HiBob
In a matter of weeks, Bob can be deployed to enable communication, collaboration, and connectivity that drives stronger productivity and better business outcomes.

Novatti, a leading digital payment company, went live in 35 days. Then Bob helped them boost engagement, stay compliant, and streamline onboarding - all around the globe. Read the whole story in the case study in SelectHRM's info pack.

“When I saw Bob, it was a slam dunk! It was attractive, easy to use, and I felt like I was in a place that I could stay for a while.”
Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

HR Tech Awards:
Fosway 9-Grid™ for Cloud HR 2023: HiBob achieves Core Leader Status.
Forbes Cloud 100 2023 names HiBob on the Cloud 100 list for the second year.
Ventana Research names HiBob as a Value Index Leader for Total Compensation Management.
G2 ranks HiBob Top 3 Globally in the Core HR category.

HiBob has 100+ tech partners that help elevate productivity and efficiencies.Bob sits at the center of the HR tech stack and integrates with global and local tech solutions, including SSO, ATS, BenAdmin, and more.

“We wanted something that people would actually use. When we looked at other systems, UKG and SAP, it felt like a solution that gave you everything you wanted but didn’t leave anything for the user. It gave us a lot from the HR perspective, but it didn’t really give anything from the user perspective.”
Amanda Neri - Human Resources Director at Extreme Reach


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