Bob is the modern HR platform for modern business. 
Bob is a robust, yet intuitive HR platform used by thousands of fast-growing modern, midsized, organizations as the secure central source of truth for their people, bringing data and insights together to help engage and retain top talent.
We designed bob with the needs of HR in mind,  but we’re equally focused on creating impact and value for all employees.

  1. For HR it delivers automation of many common processes and centralizes all people data in a secure, user-friendly environment.
  2. For Managers, it provides access to data and insights to help them make impactful decisions and streamline processes.
  3. For Employees, it fosters a culture of engagement and inclusion while being easy to use and informative.

In a matter of weeks, bob can be deployed to enable communication, collaboration, and connectivity that drives stronger productivity resulting in better business outcomes.

The impact of Hibob
Modern HR is built for modern, mid-sized, fast-growing businesses.  
At its very core, Bob was designed to help our clients grow and expand globally. Unparalleled configuration and localization capabilities allow you to easily adapt to your organization’s ever-changing needs.

Best in class UX/UI
Bob is beautiful and intuitive to use  – leading to wider adoption, engagement, and productivity for every employee and manager throughout the organization.
Bob offers Core HR and so much more
From out-of-the-box onboarding, workflows, performance management, compensation management, and more, to integrations with leading payroll providers across the globe - bob provides everything your team needs to operate more efficiently.  But more than that, bob is a central system for all employees - From HR to the C-Suite; managers to direct contributors. All employees benefit from using bob. Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. Centralized people data combined with strong user engagement yields useful insights that lead to better decision-making. Proven to support culture and engagement, unlike any other HR platform. Bob drives communication, connection, and camaraderie - inspiring great culture, diversity, inclusion, and belonging for every employee  — wherever, whenever, and however they work.


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